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6th January 2009:
I just wanted to say thank you for the great samples. i couldn't find another place to say it on your website. they are really excellent and fun to play around with.
Take care,

26th December 2008: (reply below)
I found your samples this a.m., and thought I'd ask... You recommend placing the samples on a separate drive from the OS.  Any experience storing them on an external drive (Firewire).  BTW I'm using Logic/Garageband on a Mac.
Thanks! Happy Christmas!

3rd December 2008:
As to suggestions, I can see you like doing slightly offbeat stuff so I'd really like:
- a mouth organ,
- one of those toy plastic mouth organ things with keys (it produces a surpringly good sound which I used in a short film),
- a mechanical street organ, ideally an organillo like is sometimes seen on the streets in Mexico (I know that would be difficult, but no harm in asking!),
A bit more SFX these:
- door slams inc car doors, elevators etc.
- electric motors whirring,
- electrical faults (buzzes, sparks),
- lightning crashes,
- body punches, bones cracking!

Nice resource here:  Cheers!
Karel Bata

14th September 2008:

Hello this is Oliver Ohene-Dokyi from Hamburg Germany!
I want to thank you very much for giving so much of your samples to the people! I'm a musician and do apreciate this gift of yours very much! I'mhardly trying to find interest in my artist workS here in germany.
My main problem is that i want to reach people not only speaking german,ufgh! well but i will go on doing this! if you want to here what kind of music i make,take a glimpse onto my myspaceprofile

Thanks again and all the best to you!
Yours O.O.D.

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26th December 2008:
Hi Andy,
I am not Mac user, but I would guess the same rules apply as for a PC.
If you are using a large number of samples in your song or the sampler is streaming the samples from disk (as opposed memory) you should really store them on a disk separate from the operating system. You will only really experience problems when you push the computer to it's limits with a large song - but you'll know because there will gaps in the audio and Logic will give error messages.
A separate drive also means it will be easier to keep it defragmented, thus enabling faster access to the sound files. If you keep your samples with the OS you will find everything will get mixed up together.

From my understanding of Firewire it should be fast enough for streaming audio. One suggestion is to separate the extra drive into two partitions. The first for the recorded audio tracks and the second for your samples and exs instrument files. I use a SATA disk on my PC.

One way to test how well your computer performs under stress is to create a song with ,say, 24 audio tracks and 24 exs samplers each continuously playing a separate wav/aiff file from the disk, without fx plugins. You can then keep an eye on the 'disk performance' indicator as you add extra tracks.

There are a great many articles on the internet about this subject so it is worth doing a little research. I am sure the Logic and Garageband forums have discussions on this subject.

Best - C

p.s. I hope you can do something with the samples! Oh, and don't forget to back everything up, as disks do fail.
Hope you have a good 2009!

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